Family Nights–  We try to plan family events throughout the year to give dads a chance to meet their children’s friends and forge lasting friendships with other homeschooling families.  Past events include ice cream social, pool night,  chili cook off and hayride.

Field Trips– PCCHE members work together with our Events Coordinator to plan both educational and fun field trips.  Due to our size, we can often get discounts or special programs for the group.  Past field trips include Scarborough Fair, Veldhuizen Cheese Farm, Medieval Times, Roller Skating , Airsoft, at D-14, Stock Show,  and Chandor Gardens.

Park Days- Grab a picnic lunch and join up for fresh air and sunshine!  Planned monthly during cooler weather, less often when it’s hot.

Teen Group–  many of the PCCHE teens meet up for movies, 6 Flags, Airsoft,  game days, themed parties, and more.  If you have a teen that would like to be more involved, make sure they let one of the event coordinators know.  Many of the teen events are planned among the teens through text/e-mail and don’t always make it onto the forums if it is a last minute thing.  The teens try to meet up at least once a month.